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Creating your Press Law Unit

After completion of the Press Law and Ethics Certification Test and the development or revision of your staff contract and publication policy, the final step toward certification is the creation of a press law and ethics unit and implementation two full lessons from the unit.

Submit your unit plan and your lessons by email to Adam Dawkins at 

Press Law & Ethics Lesson Requirements:

STEP ONE: Create a UNIT OVERVIEW for an entire press law and ethics unit. This can be syllabus-style. Major areas of study and bulleted details highlighting essential questions, resources, assignments, and a time frame for implementation.

STEP TWO: Write at least 2 full lessons from the unit flushed out and detailed.

  • Each lesson includes rationale, objectives (goals for understanding), and materials
  • Each lesson should include a list which Common Core standards anchors and benchmarks will be addressed. Access the Common Core Standards HERE
  • Each should include some teacher-directed time
  • Each should include some student- directed time
  • Each should include informal & formal assessment
  • Be sure to cite any references and resources used – You may use any from the course, this website, or other references.
STEP THREE: Email the lesson to and I will give you some feedback.
STEP FOUR: Teach either the the entire unit or just the 2 focused lessons. (You may choose to wait for your entire unit until the start of the year). But you do need do your 2 focused lessons in order to write your analysis and reflection.
STEP FIVE: Write up a 500+ word reflection of how the lesson went and send that to
STEP SIX: Frame you CHSPA Press Law & Certification certificate and hang it proudly in the newsroom or in your office. You earned it! Plus, you will be on the growing list of Colorado advisers to receive certification and help us to add adviser protection to the Colorado Student Free Expression Law.
If you have any questions or need any additional resources, let me know. ~ Adam