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The First 30 Days

During the First 30 Days, you and your staff have a lot to accomplish. You want to set a schedule, go over laws and ethics, distribute staff manuals, and take editorial, policy, and style guide quizzes. On top of that, you want to make sure your staff members have a chance to get to know one another to create a functioning environment. So, how do you do this? There are tons of ways, and many advisers will choose what works best for them, but here are some resources to help you develop your First 30 Days.


Wagner’s First 30 Days


Scavenger Hunt

Dawkins’ First 30 Days – Journalism 1 Dawkins- First 30


It is always a great idea to give up a few of your precious summer days to work with student editors. This is a time for you to guide and delegate and not take on any extra work. The conversations and planning can save you time in the classroom once everyone is back to school.