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Profile of Tracy Marcello

Marcello loving life in Fort Collins

by Bonnie Katzive

When Tracy Marcello arrives home from her job as a teacher at Fossil Ridge High School, she probably won’t be complaining about her day at work or attacking her pile of grading.  Instead, she and her husband, Doug Marcello, are more likely to be planning their next adventure.

Marcello was hired to be the new newspaper adviser and will also teach 11th and 12th grade Literature.

A native of Florida, Marcello learned to love trying a little of everything as a child.  Marcello’s hometown of Jupiter, FL is a haven for horseback riding, which Marcello enjoyed in elementary school.  She also tried many other activities, including swim team and literary magazine.”I dabbled in golf, tried electric guitar, and sang in the elementary school choir,” said Marcello.  But the most important experience of her youth was a southwestern camping odyssey that took her to Boulder for the first time at age 14.

After spending just a few days biking, visiting CU, and walking down Pearl Street, Marcello decided, “I need to go to school out-of-state.”    From the time of that 9th grade visit, Marcello worked diligently to get strong grades in high school and applied early admission to guarantee her future as a CU Buff.

After graduating from CU with a degree in Journalism, Marcello worked one year as a reporter for Boca Raton Magazine and the Palm Beach Post.  Drawn by a desire to be of service, she transferred her love of writing to a career in teaching.  However, after four years teaching Journalism and English in Florida, Marcello was drawn back to Colorado.

When Marcello talks about Boulder and the Front Range, she sits up straight and her eyes light up.  The main draw of Colorado is its youthful, active community and its diversity of outdoor activities.  She said, “Coming from Florida… Florida seems so one-dimensional to me.  You go to the beach and that’s pretty much all you can do.”

She noted that Colorado has parks, mountains, rivers and countless ways to enjoy them.  It is a bountiful state for her favorite pastime:   camping.  Marcello said, “[Doug and I] love camping.  We take up our time finding new places to camp.”

Marcello’s love for adventure extends beyond outdoor activities to travel and food.  A favorite part of her ten day camping expedition from Florida to Colorado was not the camping, but rather a two day stay in Chicago to explore restaurants and tourist attractions.  The highlight for the exuberant and fun-loving Marcello was an hour spent watching apes in action at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Marcello said, “They were just so lively, beating on their chests and howling, just enjoying life.”

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  1. Jack Kennedy Reply

    July 18, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    I loved everything about this story, from the lede through the essentially chronological summary of Tracy’s recent life… except the final graf, which seemed to take me away from the narrative flow and point me toward a new story. This may be a result of having so little time to interview and analyze, but it’s a great reminder of the very situation your students will regularly encounter.

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