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Reporting & Interviewing

Everyone has a story, but sometimes it can be intimidating to talk to people to get it. Use these presentations to help guide your students to talk to the right people, ask the right questions, and be professional while doing it.


Interviewing tricks

Everyone has a story


To show your students how good interviews turn into interesting stories, visit the “1 in 8 Million” feature from the NY Times HERE
Or you can look up the Steve Hartman Everyone Has a Story series on You Tube HERE
Poynter Interactive NewsU Course on Interviewing HERE

  • Course Companion PDF’s:

The Interview-offthe_record

The Interview-listening




Interesting Article on Email Interviewing HERE 

Excerpt: “The e-mail debate has heated up in recent years as journalists increasingly embrace the technology as an indispensable reporting tool. It’s a battle between the new generation of reporters who grew up in front of a computer and the newsroom traditionalists who maintain that live conversations, either face-to-face or by phone, are far superior to cyberspace communication.”

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