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Photography Crash Course

At the beginning of the year, a 2-5 day lesson on photography will go a long way in ensuring the staff has the tools and knowledge to shoot like the pros. And there’s no better way to have some fun inside and outside the classroom early on. Some of your students may develop a passion for photography, and it all starts right here.


Michael Reeves’ Akins Photo J Blog: HERE

  • Top 10 Photography Composition Rules from Photography HERE
  • Guide to Understanding Aperture: HERE
  • Guide to Understanding Shutter Speed: HERE
  • Guide to Understanding ISO: HERE
  • Camera Simulator from Camera HERE
Michael Reeve’s Sports Photography presentation:  Sports Presentation
Sports Photography “Master Class” from CNN: HERE
A Photo a Day: Jonathan Harris’ “Today” series: HERE and Jonathan Harris’ Digital Media StoriesHERE

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